This is a full discography of God’s Heritage from Tokyo, Japan on one CD. One of the best bands from this area,  which was created by members of Statecraft, Extinguish The Fire, Canopus and Loyal To The Grave. Chugga chugga, singalongs, melodic riffs, mosh parts and baggy clothes.
FFO: Morning Again, Statecraft, Kindred, Day Of Suffering
1 Sentience
2.Trial By Fire
3 Profane
4 Blood Revelation
5 Blood Revelation Part II
6 Cold Iron Surrounds
7 Jubilee
8 Traditional Evangel
9 Blood Revelation Part II
10 Profane
11 New Day Dawns…
12 Trial By Fire
13 Jubilee
14 Profane
15 Trial By Fire