God Forbid have been one of the most steady American metal acts of the 2000s, playing a style that blends the sheer brutality of American bands like Lamb Of God and Killswitch Engage and blending it with the technical precision and melodic sensibility of Scandinavian kings At The Gates.

1. The Discovery
2. The Rain
3. Empire Of The Gun
4. War Of Attrition
5. The New Clear
6. Shallow
7. Walk Alone
8. Bat The Angels
9. Earthsblood
10. Gaia (The Vultures)
11. Force-Fed (live)
12. Chains Of Humanity (live)
13. Divide My Destiny (live)
14. Go Your Own Way (live)
15. Anti-Hero (live)
16. Better Days (live)
17. Lonely Dead (live)
18. Reject The Sickness (live)
19. Gone Forever (live)
20. Broken Promise (live)
21. To The Fallen Hero (live)
22. The End Of The World (live)
23. Crucify Your Beliefs (live)