In early 2005, five friends from the Emerald City got together and decided it was time to show the world that the Northwest isn’t all ‘stage-dives and high fives’. Drawing influences from bands such as Blood For Blood, Madball, Biohazard and Fury Of Five with the addition of modern hip-hop elements, FURIOUS STYLES was born. Since their birth, they have released a three song demo entitled ‘…’Til the Wheels Fall Off’ and toured the west coast, sharing the stage with heavy hitting bands such as Terror, Hoods, Donnybrook, On A Warpath, Shattered Realm, Black My Heart, and even Aiden, among many others. So prepare yourselves because FURIOUS STYLES is taking over!

For fans of Madball, Bohazard, Fury of Five, On A Warpath

1. Smile Now…. (Intro)
2. Round One
3. Time To Pay
4. Shatterproof
5. Ain’t Gotta Lie To Kick It
6. Mind Your Business
7. On Blast (DWC)
8. Unfadable
9. Reality Check
10. Words Of A King
11. Born On The Outside
12. ….Cry Later (Outro)