From the Heart is a Rotterdam based hardcore band, formed in early 2012. In 2015 they released their debut full length ‘Leave It All Behind’ on WTF Records Blasting a furious mix of Eurocore and New York hardcore, From The Heart has established itself as an upcoming, hard working band. Gaining friends and fans each time they play. With ‘Make It Last’ From The Heart is back with a bang. A thicker production and more experienced songwriting has resulted in a very mature sounding album, without losing the sound and feel they represented with their debut. So don’t expect major shift in pace or sound. Its still brutal oldschool hardcore full of breakdowns. This time harder than ever before. Their style can still be best described as fast metallic oldschool hardcore. Call it eurocore, call it what you will, these guys play a tight energetic set every time and crowd response will most likely include massive singalongs, circlepits, two-steps, stagedives, high fives, and pile ons! Make it count, Make it last!! For Fans Of: Only Attitude Counts, No Turning Back, Backfire!, Hard Resistance, Rykers, Eurocore, get it? haha

01 Intro
02 Passion
03 King of the hill
04 Out of the game
05 Self-destruct
06 Your hate
07 Empty words & Empty hearts
08 Stronger
09 My revenge
10 The good old days
11 In this together