EMBRACE THE HOSTILTY from Western PA really deliver the good with their debut full-length album “Hated since birth” via UPSTATE Records NY. “Hated Since Birth” is a massive heavy hitting hybrid of Hardcore, Metal and Beatdown Mosh. Eight songs full of anger, rage and power with crushing breakdowns, catchy 2-step parts and aggressive guitar riffing. EMBRACE THE HOSTILTY combine the metallic Hardcore of GOD’S HATE, FULL BLOWN CHAOS and MERAUDER with the Beatdown of LINE OF SCRIMMAGE and early Y2K Mosh of SHATTERED REALM.
This album is a must have for all fans of heavy violent music !!!

1) United States of Hate
2) Vicious Cycle
3) Compulsive Fiend
4) Permanent Ending
5) No Promises
6) Beyond Reality
7) An Hourglass of Blood
8) Victims of Time