1 25 Ta Life -Believe In Me
2 Shot Blockers -Back On Up
3 Crime Lab NYHC -Think
4 NWR -The Click Is Thick
5 Danny Diablo -Private Hell
6 Losers Sometimes Win -Today
7 Wisdom In Chains -Fighting In The Streets
8 In The Eyes Of -Bought At A Price
9 Shere Kahn -Nothing But Hate
10 Alkatraz -Shit Happens
11 Comin Correct -DIY Stay True
12 Broken Silence -Crosses On The Highway
13 Among Enemies -Blood Red
14 DNME -Last Of A Dying Breed
15 Hard Head -The Way Of The Cross
16 Essence Of Pain -Hold The Frontline
17 GameXTime -Things Change
18 Dead End Path -Nothing But Pain
19 Diesel -Definition Of
20 Subject To Change -Ride
21 Fortitude -Running Of With A Mouse
22 Hibakusha -Adderall
23 Exercise In Futility -Falls Down
24 Killing Floor -Bare Witness
25 At Hopes End -Self Titled
26 Dead By Wednesday -My Voice
27 In Our Blood -Broken Vows
28 SFAR -Face To Face
29 Enough Said -Anthem
30 Choose Your Weapon -Something To Live By
31 One Last Enemy -Dance Around The Ashes
32 Distance -Drowning In Details