Take the enraged socio-political perspective of TRIAL, the bloodthirsty sonic assault of TERROR and INTEGRITY, and top it off with the suicidal determination of BLACK FLAG. The end result is Texas’s hardest working hardcore band. DIE YOUNG (TX) represents the punk rock equivalent of Noam Chomsky on steroids spouting politics and philosophy with Nietzsche during his descent into madness while on deck of the vessel Captain Ahab is sailing into oblivion. The future looks grim, and DIE YOUNG (TX) sets out to confront the oncoming storm with full force and a total disregard for personal consequences.

01. Making A Killing
02. The Story of Our Lives
03. Fuck the Imperialists
04. To Forget Civilization
05. Graven Images
06. Your Trusted Friends
07. Distant Memories
08. Desperate Hope
09. Lonely at the Top
10. Carried by Visions
11. Ghost Towns
12. In Limbo
13. The Dying Atheist
14. Become the Change
15. Reiteration