From the label : `There are these bands that are always described as a ?promise for the future? and then fail to deliver. Deathbox have been a promising band for years but a few line-up changes managed to keep these guys a little off track. Now they finally release their first cd, called ?A bitter epilogue?. Do they manage to live up to the promise they have always been called you ask? Hell yeah! Deathbox manage to combine metallic tunes with diverse rhythms and crushing, pummeling and punishing musical projectiles! For fans of: The Red Chord, The Black Dahlia Murder, Misery Signals, Architects and Gojira. ` Tracklist: 1. Hypocrisy’s Grin 2. Swarm Insanity 3. Precious Insomnia 4. Nothing Left to Conquer 5. Into the Downward Spiral 6. Live Feed 7. From the Unconscious