Debut Deal With It full-length cd out now on Rucktion Records! `Deal With It has poured everything into this record and they have produced something we have never heard from a UK band. This record is a representation of a whole lot of effort, conviction and passion. They have created a record which honours the memory of old New York hardcore and its mythos but is stamped with their own distinctive mark. Bleak riffs marry bleaker lyrics which spit out a scornful wake up call reflecting current planetary chaos. 11 tracks which hit hard but also have something definitive to say – a real rarity in today’s hardcore climate of posturing, jealousy and whinging. Fans of ‘Alpha O’ era Cro Mags, The Icemen and Breakdown will get a buzz out of this. To cap it all off the LP features artwork from Ed Repka (Megadeth, Nuclear Assault etc)…`

1. 02.14 29/08/1997
2. Heed My Words
3. War Against The Machines
4. Atlas Shrugged
5. Temple Mount
6. Black Sun
7. Streets Of Rage II
8. Generation
9. Terrorstorm
10. The Rapture
11. Shah-Mat