Deafness By Noise celebrate their 20th anniversary with the new album ‘Noize Deaf Forever’. 10 tracks recorded at Stage One Studio in Germany and produced by Andy Classen, known for his work with Rykers, Holy Moses, Dew-Scented, Tankard and Brightside to name a few. Members from Rykers & Brightside also feature as guests on this great record. As a bonus to this album you will get 12 brandnew recorded cover tracks captured under the name ‘Roots Baby Roots’.

The album comes in a deluxe 6 panel digipack with embossed band logo on the cover.

1. The Enemy
2. Killer Valentine
3. Back In the Days
4. Alright
5. Work Eat Sleep Repeat
6. Closure
7. Fear
8. It’s Not A Movie
9. Straight Line
10. Once Again
11. I’m The Hunted (GBH)
12. World Peace (Cro-Mags)
13. Destroyer (Toxic Reasons)
14. Raw Power (Raw Power)
15. I Love Livin In the City (Fear)
16. Stranglehold (UK Subs)
17. The Prisoner (D.O.A)
18. Born To Suffer (Ratos De Porao)
19. Sailin’ On (Bad Brains)
20. Here’s Your Warning (7 Seconds)
21. Broken Toy / This is the End (S.N.F.U.)
22. I Remember (M.D.C.)