Virginia’s DEAD SERIOUS come your way with five heartfelt hardcore punk songs to hit the white collar world with a blue collar fist as Cali’s DIEHARD YOUTH follow-up with eight posi-core anthems that will make any listener want to hop on the skateboard and shred!

For fans of: Carry On, American Nightmare, Dag Nasty.

1. My Favorite American (Dead Serious)
2. We Are The Kids Your Mother….(Dead Serious)
3. Deleware Hall (Dead Serious)
4. Like Salmon Swim (Dead Serious)
5. Fuck Life (Dead Serious)
6. Wreck This (Diehard Youth)
7. The Proud And The Few (Diehard Youth)
8. Reason To Hate (Diehard Youth)
9. Posi-change (Diehard Youth)
10. Somebody Deserves To Get Their Head Kicked In (Diehard Youth)
11. Honestly (Diehard Youth)
12. Too Legit (Diehard Youth)
13. Positive But Pissed (Diehard Youth)