The bands type of unquenchable passion and iron-willed dedication went into the making of ‘The Human Romance’. This is DARKEST HOUR, Version 2.0, which is certainly an upgrade on many levels. ‘We were able to step back and take something established and re-polish it in a way where we could present it as something new,’ Schleibaum explained. ‘It still got the classic vibe, but the music is a little bit more easily digestible, I mean, it’s not like John (Henry) is singing all the time. The music is a bit more ethereal yet still aggressive as hell. Includes vinyl exclusice bonustrack.

Pressing info:
300 copies on red translucent vinyl

A1 Terra Nocturnus
A2 The World Engulfed In Flames
A3 Savor The Kill
A4 Man & Swine
A5 Love As A Weapon
A6 Your Everyday Disaster
A7 Violent By Nature
A8 Purgatory
B9 Severed Into Separates
B10 Wound
B11 Terra Solaris
B12 Beyond The Life You Know
B13 Hierarchy Of Heathens (Bonus Track)