Crowned Kings are a straight up heavy riff’ Hardcore band, consisting of five guys from the city of Melbourne, Australia . The band grew with fast momentum, around early 2010. With shows being out of control and a strong and loyal following being built. They hit the stage supporting local acts such as Mindsnare, Samsara, Deez Nutz, Miles Away, just to name a few. ‘Forked Road’ has been mastered by Matt Hyde who has also mastered such bands as Terror ,No Warning, Hatebreed ,Parkway Drive and Slayer. Featuring Dre ‘Donnybrook’ on guest vocals . With more heavier and Old School Metal influences crossed with Crowned Kings aggressive brand of Hardcore ‘Forked Road’ is set to see them off to endless new heights in 2015 and beyond. Crowned Kings will be heavily touring nationally and internationally to spread the word and their own brand of heavy no nonsense crunch style Hardcore and will be looking to establish the Crowned Kings name and music worldwide.

01 Aim for the Top
02 Rage Inside
03 Ego Trip
04 Forked Road
05 Judged
06 Rule This World
07 Enemy
08 Deadbeat
09 Slave to the Cash
10 The Reaper
11 Never Give Up
12 Sold My Soul