Crimson Falls blend a wide range of influences into an intense, passionate and crushing unity of death metal, metalcore and thrash metal. Expect fast and aggressive riffs, brutal mosh breakdowns, blistering blasts, complex rhythms and melancholic melodies. Influences include the mighty At The Gates, All Shall Perish, Lamb Of God, Heaven Shall Burn, Behemoth, In-Quest, Meshuggah, Nevermore & Aborted.. to name just a few. However, Crimson Falls has a face of their own, so don..t expect a mere copy of any of the aforementioned bands. Crimson Falls proclaim a positive message of freedom, self-confidence and following your dreams, while other songs put the finger on the pulse of our modern society and it..s excesses. A variety of topics is brought up, going from a personal outlet of emotions (When The Blood Becomes Adrenaline, Poetry For The Scum), over topical social issues (Controle Alt Delete, Book Of Memories, Martyr Vs. Terrorist) to the expression of a positive attitude in life (Erase All Fear, Four Slaves, Four Struggles, The Crimson Eyed). This band is for the moshers as well as the headbangers, the metalheads and the hardcore kids. No limits, no boundaries

1. Forsaken
2. If I’d Become A Father
3. Omen Of Catastrophe
4. With All Due Respect
5. Sworn Persistence
6. The Suicide Circle
7. Cauterize Havoc
8. Cordoba
9. Solace
10. A Period Of Consequences
11. Regenesis