3rd Crawlspace album, more brutal, turning their sound and songwriting towards deathmetalbands like OBITUARY, CANNIBAL CORPSE, RITUAL CARNAGE, BOLT THROWER.
Their 3rd album “Enter The Realm Of Chaos” became a more extreme album, now also receiving various raving reviews from deathmetal and thrashmetalfans.
Mixing faster music and their signature heavy beatdown-grooves, the band became a highlight in the belgian deathcore scene, pleasing both fans of hardcore AND metal music.

A1 Testimony Of The Unblessed
A2 Dead And Alive
A3 Haunted
A4 As Winter Calls…
A5 Resurrection Of The Demons
A6 Deep
B1 Nightmare Visions
B2 Crawlspace
B3 Coming From Down Under
B4 Enter The Realm Of Chaos
B5 Predator (Bonus Track)