Released back in 2004 during a time where Metalcore was hyped everywhere with clean top notch productions and headlining big festivals, Paris located COUNT TO REACT came up with this dirty Metal Mosh record somewhere between filthy French style like AWOL and KICKBACK and H8000 Edge Metal like SPINELESS and SLAYtanik BXL style a la ARKANGEL.

1 Intro 0:46
2 Out For The Count 3:51
3 My LIfe My Fight 3:16
4 Spared Among Waste 3:43
5 This Hate 2:59
6 Bleeding Faith 3:02
7 Human Value 2:59
8 Wolves Of Man 3:16
9 Vile Be Dead 2:43
10 Lies Of Shame 12:43