Deluxe, limited CD release to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of CONDEMNED 84. Strictly limited to 500 copies. The most limited pressing ever for Condemned 84, so you know these won’t be available forever… This CD contains all the singles the band released in chronological order. The CD comes in a 6 panel digipack with glossy lamination and with the lyrics and lots of pics inside.

Oi! Ain’t Dead EP (1986)
1 Follow The Leader
2 The Nutter
3 Oi! Ain`t Dead
4 Under Her Thumb

In Search Of The New Breed 12″ EP (1987)
5 The Boots Go Marching In
6 Up Yours
7 We Will Never Die
8 Kick Down The Doors

Euro 96 EP (1996)
9 We`re Gonna Win (Euro ’96)
10 When Saturday Comes
11 We Will Never Let You Down

Bootboys 7″ (2000)
12 Bootboys
13 In Yer Face

No Way In / Battle 7″ (2003)
14 No Way In
15 Battle

The Real Oi! EP (2010)
16 I Just Wanna Be Famous
17 The Sound Of Oi!
18 No One Likes Us – We Don`t Care (Live)