COMPANION is a five-piece hardcore band based out of Vienna, Austria. Since their establishment in 2012 the band has constantly moved ahead and developed their skills. COMPANION has a sound & style that stands out through their groovy & crushing guitar sound, powerful drums, a rich bass feel combined with brutal vocals. Put all this together & you get a band that delivers heavy and powerful hardcore delivered from the heart that won’t allow you to keep still.

‘Unbroken’ will be the 2nd full length album written, recorded & produced by ‘Vienna Style’ Hardcore heavyweights COMPANION and set for a release date of June 2nd 2017 through emerging Australian label 1054 Records.

01. Intro
02. Unbroken
03. No Plea For Mercy
04. Narrow-Minded
05. Cold Concrete
06. Euer Hass
07. The Enemy
08. Against The Odds
09. Blindfolded
10. Antisocial
11. One Life
12. Outro