COMPANION is a five-piece hardcore band based out of Vienna, Austria. Since their establishment in 2012 the band has constantly moved ahead and developed their skills. COMPANION has a sound & style that stands out through their groovy & crushing guitar sound, powerful drums, a rich bass feel combined with brutal vocals. Put all this together & you get a band that delivers heavy and powerful hardcore delivered from the heart that won’t allow you to keep still.

The debut full length album “For The Underdogs” was released in July 2015 by Burnside Records Vienna which was followed up with them taking their spot alongside fellow VSHC bands Only Attitude Counts & Spidercrew on the “VSHC Brotherhood Tour 2015” which travelled it’s way right across Europe delivering their unique brand of hardcore. This was the perfect chance to promote the album & show fans what they are capable of on stage with their highly energetic & super heavy live performances.

1. Anthem
2. Watch your Back
3. Your Time Will Come
4. Slaves to the System
5. Stand Against
6. Find Fight Defeat
7. Unarmed Soldier
8. V.S.H.C.
9. Surrender
10. Keep your Truth
11. Pain Was my Fuel
12. Farewell