This album contains 18 re-recorded Cobra Classics, incl. early smasher like ‘Oi! tonight’ or ‘On the streets’. Great collection by Japan’s Oi! gods.
For beginners: Cobra sounds like a japanese mix of Toy Dolls & Cockney Rejects. Catchy singalong stuff.
Comes as Double vinyl plus bonus DVD and CD + DVD version. Knock Out Records 2010.

1 Friends
2 Tokio Riot
3 Kidz Next Door
4 Life War
5 Voices
6 Anoko Wa Alien
7 Son’s Song
8 Oi Oi Oi
9 Oretachi
10 Life Is Traveling
11 Locket Love
12 Spirit Of ’84
13 On The Street
14 Ride On
15 Captain Nippon
16 Hero
17 Oi Tonight
18 Zettaihantai

Bonus DVD – Sing Along To Cobra
DVD-1 Locket Love
DVD-2 Tokio Riot
DVD-3 Rock ‘N’ Roll Homicide
DVD-4 Oi Oi Oi
DVD-5 Hardcore Kicks
DVD-6 On The Street
DVD-7 Oi Tonight
DVD-8 Have A Good Time