Climate of Fears first full lenght album!
“The Onset Of Eternal Darkness” is a brute of a release. Melodic and terrific, in both senses, combining the best of Death Metal, Beatdown and Hardcore.
The band are staunch anti-capitalists, whose lyrical themes found within The Onset Of Eternal Darkness include environmental nihilism and anti-exploitation, anti-fascism, and anti-colonialism.

1 Rapture 5:24
2 The Cult Of Retribution 3:19
3 Shadow & Flame 4:41
4 Centuries Of Torment 2:33
5 Storming The Heavens 2:14
6 De Conflictu Noctis Aeternae Obruat 3:19
7 Slaves Of Capital 3:22
8 From Enslavement To Extinction 3:57
9 Divide & Conquer