19 songs of hard & mean hardcore hailing from the drinking capitol of the US, Beantown. Hard, gruff vocals and fast songs with some heavy breakdowns with a sense of humor and lyrics about smoking and drinking, and hating just about everything, from your boss, rich people, and junkies. They even do a Murphy?s Law cover. Fans of bands like Blood For Blood, Death Before Dishonor, Hoods and Terror will like dig these guys.

1) Intro (Beer Prayer)
2) CHEECH 2000
3) Lame Brain Dead
4) Don’t Fucking Complain
5) Free At Last
6) Kill The Rich
7) Faceless Enemy
8) Sweet Cheeba
9) Innocence Of Destruction
10) Junkie Death
11) Smoke Break
12) Billion Dollar War
13) I Hate My Boss
14) Tears In My Beer
15) Paralyzed
16) TV Cops
17) Quest For Herb
18) Townie Scumbag
19) Those We’ve Loved And Lost