With ex- and current members of Beans, Antillectual, My Reply and Citizens Patrol Bratpack has a wide variety of musicians in the band and that’s something you distinctly hear in their sound. Influences vary from the melodic sounds of NOFX ( take note off the melodic guitar intros), Bad Religion, No Use For A Name but with a harder edge than any of these bands using influences of hardcore bands such as RKL, Stalag 13, 7 seconds en old New York and DC hardcore bands like Minor Threat and Urban Waste.

1. Sick Burn
2. Spending Money
3. Radio
4. No Questions Asked
5. Hate The Neighbours
6. Self-Pity & Ignorance
7. Elections
8. Observations
9. Xenophobe
10. Soft Money
11. Better Off Dead
12. Shadows
13. See If We Care