This split CD released by UPSTATE RECORDS features these two bands from Toronto Canada.
Combining passion from various genres, Toronto’s own BORN WITHOUT HOPE seamlessly blend hardcore, metal, thrash, punk, and even hip hop into the soul of the band. It comes from the heart. Born without hope use elements of 90’s aggression with 2000’s innovation. With members who have been involved in bands for decades bringing experience to the table with young members bringing fresh perspective for a unique blend of talent and open-minded attitude. Born Without Hope seek to allow fans to escape the struggles of life. To release the anger and aggression but getting wild in the pit. NORTHERN HIT SQUAD were founded by ex Vietnom / Skarhead guitarist AK Ray and deliver 3 tracks heavily influenced by both Hardcore & Thrash

Born Without Hope
1. BWH
2. Conquer
3. Justified
Northern Hit Squad
4. Days Of Darkness
5. Dead Inside
6. Freedom