This is the debut release from Holland?s BloodsporT and it?s an absolute beauty. These guys play a mix of 80?s thrash and death metal which is heavy, powerful and intense. The band consists of members of Born From Pain and a few other guys with Rob?s vocals being top class. Musically they could be compared to bands such as Slayer, Morbid Angel and maybe some older Sepultura and it?s pretty damn evil, with them unleashing their fury on the listener. Things start off with a eerie sounding intro (Season Of The Witch) before 9 killer tracks have you wanting more, and this is a warning for any emo kids?.you may shit your pants! Fine stuff this, check it out! Tracklist: 1. Seasons of the Witch 2. Blitzkrieg Deathmatch 3. Lucking Fear 4. Primevil Spirits of Destroying Fire 5. Tenfold Kharma 6. Shadowwar 7. Violence Battlekingdom 8. With a Passion 9. Iscarioth 10. Tiberian Rule