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Blood In Blood Out – All These Years And Nothing CDEP


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Only 1 left in stock

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Last summer legendary Indiana Hardcore bruisers BLOOD IN BLOOD OUT start playing some shows again, so the decision was made to release some older material first time on a physical disc. “All these years and nothing” includes 2 unreleased songs from 2010 and a never released 7inch from 2004, including a cover of KILLING TIMEs “Cheap thrills”. Founded back in 2002 after the split of RIGHT ARM DEATH THREAT the band released three full-length dics on SPOOK CITY and THORNZ Records and became one of the leading bands of the mid-00s Indiana Hardcore scene. Pummeling fast paced Hardcore combined with a groove, nice breakdows, pissed-off vocals and singalongs. For fans of CLENCHED FIST, MADBALL, CROWD DETERRENT, FIGHT LIKE HELL and DEATH THREAT. Comes with 4-pages full-colour booklet. Strictly limited to 100 copies.


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