Limited edition Digipack cd. Only 200 made.

This is what American Oi had to say:
If you liked the band’s promising sound of 2016’s “Every Day Struggles”, you will surely love what these Belgians will bring you on their first ‘official’ release! Consisting out of five totally new tracks and two re-recordings off the aforementioned demo-CD, the Belgian’s deliver yet another dose of hard hitting Oi! music, while their sound is upgraded in every way possible! Now don’t expect anything too technical or overproduced, Battlefield still brings you that no-nonsense Oi! for that matter, but when it comes down to songwriting, lyrics and production you can definitely hear the progression the band has made in between their demo and “Our Own Rules”. Sometimes this progression is obvious with one of the excellent new songs like “We Hate You” or “Island”, and sometimes subtle – like on the re-recording of “Coward”. Because yup, cowards don’t hang ‘on’ trees – but indeed ‘from’ trees.

1) We Hate You
2) One More Glass
3) United
4) Island
5) SellOurSoul
6) Coward
7) Snakes