ANGSTGEGNER is the brainchild of Martijn Konings (ex-Otis, The Unborn, Schelles). In the year two thousand and thirteen he enters the legendary 195 Studio, all by himself, to record a bunch of instrumentals in the vein of OFF! and Black Flag; hardcore punk in its most elementary form. The modus operandi of ANGSTGEGNER is best described as short but sweet. Restless songs stripped to the core, landing like a slingshot hit from an unexpected angle. His experiment turns out way to good to be shelved, so Mario van Meer (ex-Otis) is called in to scream the recording to the next level. The first fruits of this collaboration appear on a split 7” with enfant terribles Tarantino through Black Death Records

On stage, ANGSTGEGNER is completed by Jean Morreau (NRA, bass, ex-Human Alert) and Ruud van Esch (ex-Fehler ex-Razorblade, drums).

Pressing info:
100 x Reign in Blood Red
200 x Black

Side A:
01. Intro/ Angstgegner
02. The Bearded Lady
03. I Shot The Deputy
04. Donut Patrol
05. Tongue Tied
06. Back To The Future II
07. Calloused Hands
08. Itch You Can’t Scratch
Side B:
09. Born Stupid
10. Early Midlife Crisis
11. Whelmed
12. Elephant In The Room
13. M.B.P.
14. Bypass My Heart
15. Divine Interventions
16. 100% Not Sure