30 punk/oi!/rock n roll and hardcore acts from all over the world cover their favourite Johnny Cash track. features: Reno Divorce, Peter pan Speedrock, The Pug Uglies, Badlands, Judasville, Hateful, Dead50’s, Strongarm & the bullies, Toxpack, Couchdrivers, Get Out, Banner Of Thugs, Discharger, Barry lewis, Vortex, the Regulars, Springtoifel, For The Fame, Subculture Squad, Southern Way, Razorblade, Floffgirl, Superaction, Sweet Poison, Emschekurve 77, Social Combat, Riot Company, 7-er jungs, Confuse the Cat

1. Strongarm & the Bullies: Don’t take your guns to town
2. Judasville: Delia’s gone
3. Reno Divorce: Guess things happen that way
4. Peter Pan Speedrock: Ghostriders in the sky
5. Emschekurve 77 feat. Gunter Gabriel: San Quentin
6. Discharger: The city of New Orleans
7. The Pug Uglies: Folsom prison blues
8. 7er Jungs: Long black veil
9. Dead50’s: Understand your man
10. Southern Way: The highwayman
11. Couchdrivers: Thing called love
12. Banner Of Thugs: Redemption
13. Social Combat: Country boy
14. Springtoifel: Cafe gitterblick (I got stripes)
15. Floffgirl: Tennessee flat top box
16. Hateful: The man comes around
17. Toxpack: Wanted man
18. The Regulars: Ring of fire
19. Vortex: Jackson
20. Sweet Poison: The ways of a women in love
21. Get Out: I walk the line
22. Subculture Squad: Thirteen
23. Superaction: I will rock n roll with you
24. For The Fame: I still miss someone
25. Badlands: Get rythem
26. Confuse The Cat: Devils right hand
27. Razorblade: San Quentin
28. Riot Company: There you go
29. Barry Lewis: Hurt