With a line-up featuring past and current members of such hard-hitting acts as EVISCERATE AD, SPECIAL MOVE, BDF, 50 CALIBER, TAKING NAMES, AWOKEN and SIX FT DITCH, it will come as no surprise that AMBUSH’s debut full-length ‘Forward Into Hell’ is a masterclass in ultra-heavy metallic hardcore, taking influences from the aforementioned bands yet stylistically in a league all of its own.

Crammed full of incredibly heavy yet well-written and catchy music, ‘Forward Into Hell’ takes the listener from slow dirges and sludgy, doom-laden riffing all the way to brutal crossover thrash
tempos. The dark, dirty and distinctive style that this diverse yet fluid mix of old school metal riffs and hardcore agression creates is complemented by atmospheric and uneasy sounding sequences, samples and keyboard interludes, all provided by Josh Hart from STOUT (Baltimore).

AMBUSH’s lyrical content is every bit as brutal, direct and forceful as the music it accompanies, filled with images of war, death, hate and persistance, with singer Scott Move’s furious bellowing
and roaring vocals supported up by huge gang back-ups, as well as Swoz of HARD TARGET on the title track.

Filled with punishing, drawn-out vicious breakdowns sure to whip any dancefloor into a frenzy, yet far removed from one-dimensional beatdown hardcore, AMBUSH’s debut is original yet also
immediately memorable, 11 tracks of pounding speed and crushing heaviness sure to stick in any lover of heavy music’s head long after the final epic solo of ‘Forward Into Hell’ rings out.

1 Ritual
2 Hands Of Iron
3 Better Off Dead
4 Cleanse And Burn
5 You Never Knew Why
6 Taxi Driver
7 Archaic Legions Rise
8 Silence Of The Shallow Grave
9 Forward Into Hell
10 Flame Grilled
11 Judge, Jury, Executioner