‘The Poached Diaries’ finds Converge pushing their quirky, black version of screamy hardcore even further than before, with layered textures, throat-splitting emissions, and good old-fashioned metal riffs out the ass. Agoraphoric Nosebleed, as the name might suggest, offer an even more peculiar and cut-throat version of hardcore, complete with drum machine and off-the-wall samples. The mesh of these two bands results in one of the better and more interesting hardcore albums to see the light of day in the late ’90s.

Agoraphobic Nosebleed
1. Mantis 1:26
2. Center Of The Hive 1:13
3. Glass Tornado 1:03
4. Landfills Of Extinct Possibility 1:12
5. Pentagram Constellation 2:19
6. Nosebleed Bed Of Flies 1:01
7. Destroyed 1:07
8. Gringo 1:19
9. Infected Womb 2:59
10. Locust Reign 1:28
11. This Is Mine 1:34
12. They Stretch For Miles 4:26
13. My Great Devastator 5:00
14. The Human Shield 3:46
15. Minnesota 5:08