Live at CBGB is an album of live recordings from New York hardcore band, Agnostic Front.
It was first released in 1989 on Relativity Records and follows their third studio album, Liberty and Justice for…, from 1987.
The line-up featured one change from the previous studio album. Craig Setari replacing Alan Peters on bass.
Shortly after the album’s release, Roger Miret was imprisoned and another album was not made until 1992 with One Voice.

1 Victim In Pain
2 Public Assistance
3 United Blood
4 Friend Or Foe
5 Strength
6 Blind Justice
7 Last Warning
8 Toxic Shock
9 United & Strong
10 Crucified
11 Liberty & Justice
12 Discriminate Me
13 Your Mistake
14 Anthem
15 With Time
16 Genesis
17 The Pain Song
18 Fascist Attitudes
19 The Eliminator