You can say about some records that they require a couple of spins before you get to appreciate them. Well, these 4 Adolf Butler songs took about 20 listens, but they got me now. This record is truly brilliant! The production is just delightfully dirty. Father Futureback sounds like his vocals were recorded out of a toilet. Well actually it sounds more like screaming, crying, moaning and such. These songs really colonize your brain after 20 spins. The artwork is very simple, yet effective. In other reviews I’ve seen Adolf Butler being compared to the likes of Flipper and The Jesus Lizard. I’m not really familiar with their music, so it’s hard for me to judge on that. But I can say that these songs are too punk for the punks! The Roccos- Cock on the loose G.G. Allin’s little nephews rear their ugly heads again. After the genius 10″ split with Angelfuck, the boys deliver 4 tracks on this split with the Butler-boys. They deliver great raw rock ‘n roll with lyrics about dirty sex. From these 4 songs “Cock on the Loose” is new and that is the only downside here, there are just too few songs. The artwork speaks for itself and the production is typical for the Motorwolf acts: raw and dirty!

pressing info:
Limited edition of 300 copies on bloodred vinyl with silkscreened covers.

A1 –Adolf Butler Africa
A2 –Adolf Butler Cod
A3 –Adolf Butler Homophobe (Vile cover)
A4 –Adolf Butler Desert
A5 –Adolf Butler If You’re Not Alone
B1 –Rocco’s Cock On The Loose
B2 –Rocco’s Clitlicker
B3 –Rocco’s All I Want
B4 –Rocco’s Gimme