ABOVE THIS WORLD slice open their emotional vulnerability, expressions of painful despair, and glimpses of far-reaching hope, to bring you sixteen punishing tracks of urban, apocalyptic metalcore that will help you brace any celestial Armageddon… Featuring MEMBERS OF: HOODS, POWERHOUSE, and SWORN VENGEANCE!! For fans of: Burried Alive, old Integrity, All Out War, that sound that is equal parts NYHC and new school metalcore.

1. End Of Days
2. Cover Your Tracks
3. Sold
4. What I Give
5. Adversity
6. Untitled
7. True
8. Caught
9. Nothing Sacred
10. No Justice
11. Mockeries
12. Dedicated
13. Your Spirit’s Dead
14. Beaten Down
15. Wake Up
16. Callous