Compilation CDs don’t get any better than this. Bands include Everybody Gets Hurt, Hated and Proud, Crowd Deterrent, Combat 84, Through It All, Clenched Fist, Insult 2 Injury, Nothing Personal, Empire Falls, and 100 Demons.

1) Everybody Gets Hurt – Bringin It Back
2)Hated And Proud – Around The World
3)Crowd Deterrent – Middleground
4)Combat 84 – Politically Incorrect
5)Through It All – Revolution
6)Through It All – In You
7)Clenched Fist -It Gets Worse
8)Insult 2 Injury – Leave Me No Choice
9)Insult 2 Injury – Renegade Swagger
10)Nothing Personal – Hanoi Jane
11)Nothing Personal – Wrong Hole
12)Empire Falls – Caustic Times
13)Empire Falls – Plague Tomorrow
14)100 Demons – Ne Desit Virtus