.45 Stainless was formed august 2009 in Turku, Finland. Idea to play hardest and heaviest hardcore they could and slowly after being started .45 Stainless would soon be a real full-time, hard working band. With lots of people going through the band, it took some time to find a stable, solid line-up. But with ambition high right from the start, as soon the couple first songs we’re written, the band decided to `fuck it` and record an album right away. Inspired by the heaviest hardcore bands around, such as; Shattered Realm, Bulldoze, Irate and Nasty, .45 Stainless set the studio and was out to create some heaviest and hardest shit Finland has ever heard. First album: ‘O.G.B.D.’ is coming out summer 2011 and it will be released by Beatdown Hardwear Records from Germany.

01 – Intro
02 – Endless
03 – Hated
04 – O.G.B.D
05 – Orighetto State Of Mind
06 – Wardrumz
07 – Violence For Violence
08 – At War