The 211 Bootboys Compilation Lp ’20 Hard Years’. Boot stomping tunes to kicks the reds out!!!

LP version comes in red vinyl, with printed inner sleeve.

Limited to 211 copies

With: Offensive Weapon, The Wolverines, Strong Island Boot Boys, Criminal Intent, Fed Up!, Iron City Hooligans, The Sentinels, Skin Disorder, Frontline Soldiers, Side Swiped, Embattled, Liberty Corps, Ultras and Lonewolf.

A1 –Offensive Weapon Hasta La Vista
A2 –The Wolverines – Stand Alone
A3 –Strong Island Boot Boys – Pitbull Breed
A4 –Fed Up! – Band Of Brothers
A5 –The Sentinels – Patriotic Voice
B1 –Frontline Soldiers – American Boot Squad
B2 –Side Swiped – Hor
B3 –Embattled – Might Makes Right
B4 –Liberty Corps – Our Country
B5 –Ultras – Backs Against The Wall
B6 –Lonewolf – 211 Skinhead