SCARBORO is a three-piece hardcore punk band from Brooklyn, New York formed in 2012. The current line-up is Shi Heng Shi: Guitar/Vox, Jack Counce: Bass/Vox and Gayla Escoda Brooks: Drums. Drawing on influences from H2O, Descendents, early Agnostic Front, and Bad Religion to name a few, SCARBORO serves up bursts of raw and compact catchy songs that stay true to their roots.
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The Obnoxious - Beware Of The Dogs

The Obnoxious - Beware Of The Dogs The Obnoxious website


Here we go again. After six sick years, seven years in Tibet and a decade in Siberia, The Obnoxious return to the battlefield that is music today. Punk, core, metal: who cares for labels anymore? This is loud, very loud music. Full of unbridled aggression and power. Fuck energy drinks: have a sip of this!

For fans of:
  • loud very loud music


  1. The End Of The World(03:03)Audio-clip
  2. Retaliation(02:05)Audio-clip
  3. Someday(02:53)Audio-clip
  4. Rwanda Special(00:57)Audio-clip
  5. Crowded Room(04:05)Audio-clip
  6. Straight From Hell(02:33)Audio-clip
  7. The $64,000 Question(04:10)Audio-clip
  8. Period(02:26)Audio-clip
  9. Go For It!(03:22)Audio-clip
  10. Tale Of Destiny(03:27)Audio-clip
  11. State Of Anarchy(02:06)Audio-clip
  12. X-Rated(03:56)Audio-clip
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  • 02-14 WTF-017: From The Heart - Leave It All Behind CD release!!

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