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Superhero Status formed in Eindhoven (NL) after the Dutch hardcore band MM split up, long-time friends Bart (ex- MM) and Ray (ex- MM, State of Affairs , For A Few Dollars More) decided to keep on playing music together.  Mattis (ex- Checkmate) joined the two on vocals and Andre (Jamestown) completed the Superhero Status line up.

The first new tunes were written soon and the recording of the first demo started.

Soon the band played a bunch of shows and started to build a live reputation with their enthoussiasm. As last addition the band was reinforced with Mick on the second guitar to give the sound that bit of more spike to work with.

WTF records has always been open to different styles of hardcore ranging from dark metal core to even ska-jazz sounds. Superhero Status adds some catchy old school hardcore punk tunes with a touch of melody to the roster! It's hard to sit still listening to the songs and its even harder when the guys play live!!

Lets goooo!!!

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The Obnoxious - Beware Of The Dogs

The Obnoxious - Beware Of The Dogs The Obnoxious website


Here we go again. After six sick years, seven years in Tibet and a decade in Siberia, The Obnoxious return to the battlefield that is music today. Punk, core, metal: who cares for labels anymore? This is loud, very loud music. Full of unbridled aggression and power. Fuck energy drinks: have a sip of this!

For fans of:
  • loud very loud music


  1. The End Of The World(03:03)Audio-clip
  2. Retaliation(02:05)Audio-clip
  3. Someday(02:53)Audio-clip
  4. Rwanda Special(00:57)Audio-clip
  5. Crowded Room(04:05)Audio-clip
  6. Straight From Hell(02:33)Audio-clip
  7. The $64,000 Question(04:10)Audio-clip
  8. Period(02:26)Audio-clip
  9. Go For It!(03:22)Audio-clip
  10. Tale Of Destiny(03:27)Audio-clip
  11. State Of Anarchy(02:06)Audio-clip
  12. X-Rated(03:56)Audio-clip
WTF-016 DigiPack CD
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  • 02-14 WTF-017: From The Heart - Leave It All Behind CD release!!

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