Hard Resistance


20 years of fun, chaos and friendship. The early nineties and mid-nineties were a revolutionary period. A lot of American hardcore bands started to boom and the scene exploded once again. Bands like Biohazard, Sick Of It All, Madball, Pro­Pain and Cro‐Mags grew and destroyed the European stages. It was at that time, that HARD RESISTANCE started out. 

It were crazy times. The scene had a great atmosphere, so naturally contacts were made and bonds of friendship were forged. Meanwhile, European bands got bigger and bigger. Bands like Backfire!, Ryker’s, Right Direction, Tech 9, Discipline, VOT and HARD RESISTANCE all of a sudden gained respect all over Europe.

After a while, European bands earned the respect they deserved. In fact, they established a true hardcore "Euro‐scene" and European bands got dubbed "Euro‐core bands" by international media and radio. Everyone was talking about it, everyone was into hardcore. Glorious days! But what goes up, must come down and music styles are no exception and by the beginning of 2000 it had lost most of its followers. The European scene had collapsed. 

The guys decided to call it quits after a few "farewell shows". A few of the guys started with other musical projects. Ron joined Unleash The Fury, Joel played bass guitar in In‐Quest and Unleash The Fury and Kris played bass guitar in Our Hate.  As years went by, however, a renewed interest arose and with it a demand for reunion shows.

It was time to roll the dice. All or nothing. In 2008 HARD RESISTANCE decided to play some reunion shows in Europe and almost 2 years later the guys started recording new material. It was a n ew era and the songs were harder than ever. Strength Records released  their brand new album in 2012 and mini CD in 2013. 

 1994 RETROSPECTIVE 2014 is not only a  retrospective to this awesome period, but also to all the great  "Euro‐core bands" and of course to the fans. Not only HARD RESISTANCE did amazing things, all of these bands did.  More importantly, they put European hardcore on the map. Straight in your face!

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Hard Resistance - 1994 Retrospective 2014

Hard Resistance - 1994 Retrospective 2014 Hard Resistance website


To Celebrate their 20th anniversary Hard Resistance brings you 20 classic Hard Resistance songs from day one until present day, re-recorded and mixed in a new explosive sound!! Release come in deluxe 2CD Digipack version, out now on WTF Records.

For fans of:
  • Agnostic Front
  • Rykers
  • Spider Crew
  • Only Attitude Counts
  • Knuckledust


  1. Bag Of Trash(02:22)Audio-clip
  2. Stand Back(03:53)Audio-clip
  3. Wake Up(02:31)Audio-clip
  4. Humanity(03:01)Audio-clip
  5. Who Pays Your Bills(03:54)Audio-clip
  6. Sad Reality(04:12)Audio-clip
  7. Religion(03:26)Audio-clip
  8. Just A Fake(02:26)Audio-clip
  9. Friendship(02:36)Audio-clip
  10. Respect(03:20)Audio-clip
  11. Out Of Credits(03:16)Audio-clip
  12. Release The Brakes(02:44)Audio-clip
  13. Parasite(03:48)Audio-clip
  14. Engine Of Hate(03:14)Audio-clip
  15. Run For The Door(03:10)Audio-clip
  16. Tonight(03:16)Audio-clip
  17. Scratched(02:22)Audio-clip
  18. On Your Knees(02:28)Audio-clip
  19. New World Order(02:08)Audio-clip
  20. Chaotic Worldwide Insanity(01:05)Audio-clip
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  • 02-14 WTF-017: From The Heart - Leave It All Behind CD release!!

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