Bulldog Courage

Bulldog Courage plays a fierce combination of in-your-face street punk and east coast hardcore all wrapped up in one ugly, defiant package.

Based out of Albany, NY, the band is not easily compared to any other punk rock or hardcore outfit around, but it’s not hard to find yourself wrapped up in their world of love, loss, loyalty, heartache and hatred. After listening to the band just once, it’s almost as if they have been with you all along. Their songs herald unique stories of family and friendship that burn right into you.

Often described as a gritty marriage of COCK SPARRER and BLOOD FOR BLOOD, BULLDOG COURAGE attracts a wide interest from those who listen to music from the street; the band has an amazing ability to reach out to punk rockers, hardcore kids, skinheads and the average everyday working-class guy.

There’s no shortage of fun to be had at BULLDOG COURAGE live show either, from sing-alongs to cover songs, and drinkin’ all night, the band surely knows how to deliver the goods all while leaving you feeling like you just got punched in the face. 


Bulldog Courage releases

Bulldog Courage - From Heartache To Hatred CD

Bulldog Courage - From Heartache To Hatred CD Bulldog Courage website


From Albany, New York, Bulldog Courage is a fierce combination of in-your-face street punk and east coast hardcore!!

For fans of:
  • Blood For Blood
  • Discipline
  • Agnostic Front
  • Wisdom In Chains


  1. Where I've Been(01:54)Audio-clip
  2. Our Neighborhood(02:48)Audio-clip
  3. Punk Rock Princess(03:59)Audio-clip
  4. American Stormtrooper(02:14)Audio-clip
  5. Old Friends Die Hard(02:49)Audio-clip
  6. All My Friends(02:25)Audio-clip
  7. Live Before I Die(03:01)Audio-clip
  8. Blood And Whiskey(03:02)Audio-clip
  9. This City(02:22)Audio-clip
  10. The Pledge(02:05)Audio-clip
  11. ... Money On The Bar(03:01)Audio-clip
  12. Sucker(01:52)Audio-clip
  13. Always Down Never Out(02:48)Audio-clip
  14. Revenge(00:54)Audio-clip
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