Black Cloud Halo

Black Cloud Halo is surely the heaviest band ever to come out of the Rotterdam area. Not just the physical weight, but the sheer musical heaviness is what sets them apart from the rest. Drawing inspiration from rock, metal, blues, hardcore and punkrock, BCH will grab you by the throat and slam you into the wall.

The heavy sound of old Marshalls, Ampegs and a Ludwig drumkit brings the sound heavy rock should sound like. Ear shattering, gut wrenching and ball shaking. The black hearted, hard ass blues lyrics fit the music perfectly and anybody who knows what it is to feel darkmooded will feel right at home.

The music has proven to be loved by people from different backgrounds. After many shows in clubs and on some bigger festivals throughout different European countries it has become clear that BCH’s fan base covers a large musical spectrum. Their fans are drawn from the metal, rock, punk and hardcore scene. Even blues lovers will find aspects that will speak to them. Black Cloud Halo is special because “these guys know how to write real songs. They combine melody with pure heaviness and speed, but they also know how to take down the tempo and blow you away with devastating slow monster riffs.” The two roaring and soaring guitars, combined with a B52 bomber bass sound and those pounding drums.

BCH provides the soundtrack to the darker side of life! 


Black Cloud Halo releases

Black Cloud Halo - Born Under A Bad Sign

Black Cloud Halo - Born Under A Bad Sign Black Cloud Halo website


Black Cloud Halo is hardrockin', intense, heavy and mean. 13 tracks of heavy, dark and thundering hardcore rock!

For fans of:
  • ACDC
  • Blood For Blood
  • Clutch
  • Down
  • Cro-Mags
  • Poison Idea
  • Madball
  • Thin Lizzy


  1. Day Of The Damned(02:58)Audio-clip
  2. Scarred(03:31)Audio-clip
  3. Jaded Past(03:03)Audio-clip
  4. Firestorm(03:01)Audio-clip
  5. Get Away(02:35)Audio-clip
  6. Leave So I Can Stay(04:50)Audio-clip
  7. Clouds(02:27)Audio-clip
  8. Dressed In Black(03:41)Audio-clip
  9. Dark Night Of The Soul(02:18)Audio-clip
  10. Fade To Black(04:21)Audio-clip
  11. Lost(02:20)Audio-clip
  12. Nemesis(02:58)Audio-clip
  13. Born Under A Bad Sign(02:40)Audio-clip
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