All for Nothing

All For Nothing was formed in 2002, their first release ’Start At Zero’ (MCD) was released in July 2004.

After a line-up change the band released their first full length album ‘Can’t Kill What’s Inside’ (CD+LP) in 2007 (Swell creek Records Germany). The full length received a great response from fans and media.

The band played close to 300 shows all over Europe and did 2 European tours to support this album, creating a reputation as an explosive and intense live band with great crowd interaction and response

In the fall of 2008, exactly 1,5 years after the ‘ Can’t Kill What’s Inside’ album, All For Nothing recorded the ‘Solitary’ songs, 5 new hard-hitting hardcore punk songs, building on
their energetic style of modern oldschool hardcore. The release features guest vocals by Michiel Walrave, ‘The Real Danger’ and ‘Nothing Done’ The vinyl version of this release will
be done by DRA Entertainment, Germany This record was produced by Mark van der Male & Willy Berreyoetes at the Avalance Studios Oost-Souburg and Haai Faai Deluxe Labs
Rotterdam on various dates during June & July 2008

To promote the release All For Nothing did a tour together with the almighty SLAPSHOT from  Boston and Bridge 9’s newest addition ENERGY, in November and December 2008.




All for Nothing releases

All For Nothing - Solitary

All For Nothing - Solitary All For Nothing website


Female Fronted Hardcore, All For Nothing is back! 5 new energetic hardcore songs with sing-a-long choruses, punishing breakdowns and melodic riffs. For fans of: Gorilla Biscuits, No Turning Back, Sick Of It All, Bane, Comeback kid & This Is Hell

For fans of:
  • Gorilla Biscuits
  • No Turning Back
  • Sick Of It All
  • Bane
  • Comeback Kid
  • This Is Hell


  1. Regain My Trust(02:16)Audio-clip
  2. Solitary(12:14)Audio-clip
  3. Shape Tomorrow(11:45)Audio-clip
  4. Can't Kill What's Inside(09:50)Audio-clip
  5. Though Talk(09:21)Audio-clip
WTF-002 DigiPack CD
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  • 02-14 WTF-017: From The Heart - Leave It All Behind CD release!!

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